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Umm Al Fahm Muders Remain Unsolved 

"It's very simple. There is no reason or motive for my son to be lying dead. If there is, then I have not heard about it," says a proud father in Umm al-Fahm. His son was murdered in broad daylight and has become the 75th such case this year alone.


Umm al-Fahm is a city located 20 kilometers northwest of Jenin, the District of Haifa in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. And with a population of 55 thousand, nearly all of whom are Palestinian citizens of Israel.


"Over 75 murders in our Palestinian areas and we have not seen any tangible results for the investigations," he continues. "Why does the Israeli police not try to stop this violence?"


That is the question my colleague Ties Brock from the Dutch Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS, Dutch Broadcast Foundation), tried to answer during our coverage of the young murdered man's funeral. Watch the video coverage of the story on the channel's daily evening news broadcast.

Ashira fixing Dutch Broadcasting Ties Br
Watch Umm Al Fahm report from minute 17:25 
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