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Hello. I'm Ashira Prem Rachana.

Welcome to my website.


Here you will find a fusion of journalism, film, yoga, meditation, and music inspired by my life.


I started my life working in the field of journalism, human rights, and film production, as tools to voice the suffering I witnessed by living in Palestine.


I began an internal journey after an injury in my spinal cord that paralyzed me and pushed me inwards to find healing after doctors told me to surrender to paralysis.


I dug into my faith to find peace and healing by using Kundalini energy, meditation, and healing techniques that I was basically searching on youtube to learn since I didn't have access to holistic support.


The journey was enlightening Al Hamdu Lilah I healed physically and began my emotional and energetic healing from years of continuous trauma.


Now I am blessed to share this knowledge and share the wisdom from different teachers around the world with children through the project Catharsis Holistic healing.


I also hold training retreats and healing sessions as I sing and create Sufi Soul music for your healing hearts.


​Much Love and Light!


Yoga & Active Meditation

We all carry within us habits, thoughts, and ideas that have been planted in us by our ancestors, our culture, and the people closest to us.


When we were children, we were like empty vessels, observing our environment, learning from our parents, right and wrong.

Our emotional intelligence and behaviors were shaped by situations and environments.

Our reactions to these situations sometimes trigger us into repeating habits that we may not like.

Anger, fear, tension, feelings of no self worth, lack of self-confidence, shyness, shutting out what is unknown).

We also carry within our bodies memories of trauma. We carry our family's DNA. You can also call it Karma.  Whatever it is there are things in us that were given to us without our conscious agreement.


Singing & Sufi Whirling

On 9 November 2016 in a small discreet room inside Jalal Al-Deen Rumi' s shrine, I whirled and meditated for hours, and in full sobriety, the words and melody for my song, Tatajallah فلتتجلى, came to me as I danced away in love of God and in search of peace.


After years of witnessing the pain and suffering of my people, I went searching for God, for divine mercy, in the place where whirling was born but has now become forbidden.


A forbidden dance that opened my soul. I produced and distributed my latest song, Tatajallah, as part of Frontiera's - an independent production company in Ghent, Belgium - City's Song, Ramallah Sessions.

Ashira Darwish concert in Ramallah singi
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