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Ashira Prem Rachana Whirling Sur Baher School Palestine
Ashira Prem Rachana Active Meditation for Trauma Healing

Ashira Darwish Prem Rachana

Ashira is a motivational speaker and the creator of Active Meditation, a healing modality focusing on trauma therapy and integration. She specializes in addressing the trauma experienced by Palestinians, drawing upon her own personal journey of healing from full-body paralysis with a severed spinal cord in 2012.

Ashira's approach to trauma healing is highly specialized and culturally sensitive and has been recognized for its efficacy in addressing ADHD, PTSD, and continuous trauma in both children and adults. Her modality includes Sufi and Kundalini meditations and exercises encouraging deep relaxation, healing, and trauma release.


Through her research, Ashira established a link between spinning and trauma therapy. Her studies showed that spinning increases activity in the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with ADHD and PTSD. The modality created by Ashira ensures that spinning can be done in a safe environment.


Ashira's contributions have been acknowledged both nationally and internationally. She was named one of the most inspirational women in Palestine by the Build Palestine organization in 2023. She received the "ISABS Honours" from the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science in 2021 for her contribution to positive societal transformation.


Ashira is a certified emotional freedom technique EFT therapist, coach, and sound healer.


In addition to her trauma-healing work, Ashira is recognized for her investigative journalism and research career. She has worked with world-renowned organizations such as Internews, the BBC, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International.


Through her organization, Catharsis Holistic Healing, Ashira has trained and supported over 200 practitioners from the Arab world and continues to provide vital, free trauma support to those in need around the world.

Ashira's unique background and innovative approach to trauma healing make her uniquely qualified to benefit the individuals and communities she serves and contribute to advancing trauma healing practices globally.

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