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YOGI: Kundalini & Osho Active Meditation




Yoga & Active Meditation in Palestine

Yoga changed my life. I approach yoga from a well-being and healing perspective. A nonreligious, nondogmatic path where I use yoga techniques, specifically Kundalini Yoga and Osho Active Meditation processes, to help people understand and overcome their traumas and live a fuller life of wellbeing and peace.

Having moved to Jericho, Palestine in May 2017, I have been practicing and teaching adults and children in processes that help them develop the peace of mind by they need to live a happy life.

I give private and public Kundalini Yoga and Osho Active Meditation in Jericho and Palestine to adults and kids. I lead Kundalini Yoga tours in Jericho and across Palestine. Walking in the footsteps of the ancients, we look to source pure life energy through Kundalini practices aimed at raising your awareness and wellbeing.

Ashira Darwish Catharsis Kids Palestine

Project 'Catharsis': Holistic Healing for Palestinian Children Prisoners

According to Defense for Children International, approximately 500 to 700 Palestinian children every year - some as young as 12 years old - are detained and prosecuted in Israeli military courts, with the most common charge being that of stone-throwing.


The torture and abuse faced by children prisoners during their detention are profound. And with no access to mental health support and counseling, the children and their families are left to deal with sociological problems ranging from PTSD to psychosomatic symptoms.

Over the years I have developed a catharsis program for Palestinian kids that combines yoga, meditation and creative art therapy to deal with the stress and trauma caused by arrest and detention by Israeli military authorities.​




Kundalini Yoga in Palestine

Kundalini Yoga is a relatively new form of yogic meditation that was derived from Bhakti Yoga (chanting and devotion), Raja Yoga (mental/physical control) and Shakti Yoga (power and energy).

Well-taught taught and practiced, a Kundalini class will leave you with a sense of rejuvenation and wellbeing, just like you would feel after an excellent workout.

I give private and public Kundalini Yoga classes in Jericho and Jerusalem in Palestine, to adults and kids alike. I also lead Kundalini Yoga tours in Jericho and across Palestine.​



Kundalini Yoga with Ashira in Jericho

Osho Active Meditation

In December 2017, I took a journey of self-discovery. After five years of covering and investigating human rights abuses, and seeing children being imprisoned, injured and killed, I left my human rights work and traveled to India.

In Delhi's Zorba the Buddah, I joined a group of women in sacred Shakti reiturals of empowerment and healing. Meditating, dancing and singing I met Osho.

Ashira Darwish Osho Festival
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